Our White wines

2013 white wines

Our 2013 white wines are sold out from our cellar.  Viognier is still on the wine list at Tani, Bright.

2013 gave us a season of rich whites with lovely texture and balance.  The wines may be less obviously fruit-flavoured, but the whites all have lovely richness and have a balance that can be enjoyed alone or with most food (perhaps not the heaviest red meat dishes).

We have released 3 white wines from this year:
Viognier: the more elegant of three, with bright, lighter fruit.
Viognier and Marsanne:  this is the fullest and richest of flavour.
Marsanne: more reserved and more structured; the wine that will reward aging.

They are all the same price: $25 per full bottle and the blend is available as a half bottle at $15.

Oxenbury 'les Amis' vineyard Viognier 2013
$25 per bottle   use this link to order our wines or click on "Purchase our wines here" when you have finished.

We have bottled a selection of Viognier from "les Amis' vineyard on its own because we think it has a lovely richness and texture as well as a great  balance between fullness and freshness.

This selection of Viognier has all been fermented in old French oak hogsheads and puncheons and some of it allowed to go through malo-lactic fermentation.  This adds a softer, creamy and yeasty character to the wine.  The natural perfume of Viognier (floral and stonefruit-scented) is quite subtle this year due to the really warm summer.

The resulting wine is alive and fresh, but not overt in any way. It has a richness for a white wine that makes it much more satisfying than simple, (silly?) fruity whites.

It is excellent with most rich fish dishes: a fish tagine; garlic and chilli prawns; BBQ seafood; most Salmon, Tuna and Trout dishes. But I think my favourite would be a strong, garlicky Bouillabaisse or even better a Bourride.  The wine has the pluck to stand up to richly flavoured sauces and fish, and a clean, bright  finish that  makes it more suitable for seafood than anything else.

If you're a non-fish person, you would enjoy this wine with antipasto, charcuterie or other light pre-dinner/snack things.  It would serve perfectly at BBQs and picnics, and with Caesar or chicken salads.

Oxenbury 'les Amis' vineyard Viognier & Marsanne 2013
$25 per bottle  or $15 per half bottle use this link to order our wines or click on "Purchase our wines here" when you have finished.

Better than the sum of its parts.  The viognier gives an exotic flavour and lingering aroma which are the major players at the moment, but the marsanne gives an extra length and texture on the palate.   As a young wine, the stonefruit and  perfume of the viognier are strongest, but the flavour has a degree of creamy complexity and a few added notes from the marsanne that are a little harder to identify: honey, perhaps, some nutiness as well.
With older vines contributing to the fruit used on this wine, the palate is richer and deeper.  It is pretty close to a full bodied white wine, but has very little oak influence (no new oak was used at all).  I am really enjoying the richness of this wine, and I presume that it will mature nicely for a few more years.

Any strongly flavoured dish will accompany this wine (but not the darker meats: venison, beef etc).  Once again, my preference would be for robust fish dishes: BBQ Tuna or a strongly herbed white fish.  Chicken and pork would be good; either roast or with a rich sauce: chicken breast or pork fillet in a wine and mustard sauce...Maybe your best gnocchi or tortellini.


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