Our Wines

Oxenbury: Black Slate Shiraz
Our premium Shiraz from the oldest shiraz vines on the Everton Ridge.  This site has made full bodied reds with classic structure since the 1950's.  With deep savoury palate: leather, beef stock and a minerally-graphite firm structure, the current style is consistent with the site's history.   Current release is 2013, available in full and half bottles.     
$26/full bottle,  $15/half bottle.

Oxenbury: The Twins Nebbiolo
If only there were more of it!  Currently out of stock, but there will be a release of 2014 Nebbiolo this winter (2017), and possibly a late release of some Cow Hill Nebbiolo from an older vintage.  Email us your interest to guarantee supply at first release......  
"Reverberant.  Ethereal: [2012]"   JancisRobinson.com

Oxenbury: The Amphitheatre White wine: Marsanne, Rousanne & Viognier
Our premium white wine, current release 2014.   Beechworth naturally produces white wines which combine elegance with complexity and structure.  In our Amphitheatre vineyard, that balance is achieved with the famous blending of Marsanne, Roussanne and Viognier which all contribute in their own way to make a wine which is better than the sum of its individual parts: rich and complex, yet refined and balanced.    Current Vintage 2014: $26/bottle

Oxenbury: The Amphitheatre Shiraz & Grenache (with Mourvedre & Counoise)
The suppleness of Grenache with the driving force of Shiraz.  In our Amphitheatre vineyard,  Shiraz provides the underlying power and structure of the wine, but Grenache, Mourvedre  and Counoise add many nuances. Current vintage 2013: $26/bottle

Cow Hill La Vache Blanche: Viognier extra

All our Cow Hill wines are made with a giving nature and lots of flavour.  The natural exuberance of Viognier, its richness and texture is complemented by a touch of Marsanne for some complexity and structure.  Current Vintage 2014 is $23 / bottle:

Cow Hill La Vache Rouge Shiraz & Durif 

Current vintage is 2013.  $26 / bottle
Combining richness and value.  


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