Autumn evening tasting, Friday May 12, 2017 at the Bridge Road Brewery, right in the heart of Beechworth.

Join us and 7 other Beechworth Red wine producers for an evening of Red, Beers and Nuts.  (as in local chestnuts, not as in 'go nuts', but feel free.)

If they're as good as Dave McIntyres chestnuts we've been putting in out tagines and roasts this season, I'll be eating the nuts.

We will be there with out Oxenbury Black Slate Shiraz, and Karen will be there with her Virago Nebbiolo.  I see Stuart Warner and a few others are booked in as well.

All premium reds available at a bargain price by the glass, and order a mixed dozen for home delivery as well.
And drink beer and eat nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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