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 With many thanks to our friend and neighbour, fellow Nebbiolo grower Karen Coats at Virago vineyard, Jancis Robinson has had a splurge on Beechworth wine recently.

Two articles followed: one behind the paywall and one in the Financial Times which was open access.
Nebbiolo, just before picking.
"I was particularly impressed by the Beechworth Chardonnays." was followed by "What was more surprising was how good the Nebbiolos are."  

 OK, so I'm not insane.  I have thought those sentences were true for many years.   Now I have the World's premier wine reviewer to back me up.

She was very complimentary of Marc Scalzo's Piano Piano wines, (but I have said that before ) , Karen's Virago Nebbiolo, and Peter Graham's Domenica wines as well.

For those of you who are interested, our Nebbiolo is currently out of stock, so the best way to ensure you have an allocation at the next release is to drop us a note via email/text, or anything really.

Our Amphitheatre white 2014 is currently available and at the moment Karen is offering a mixed Beechworth dozen of wines included in this review.

Finally the primary sources: the full Beechworth Article is available to subscribers of  I urge you to subscribe, its only
UK pounds 6.99/month.

The other article in the FT and Open Access JR has less detail, but it's not hard to get the gist.


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