Vintage 2016

Views of vintage this year.

Our Amphitheatre vineyard backs onto a State owned parcel of bush around the old Everton Upper Train station (now part of the Rail Trail bicycle path).  The CFA took the chance of a suitable break in the weather in December to do a controlled burn.  Dramatic visually, but no problem for us and it makes everyone a lot safer.
Did you think there wouldn't be a photo of an Orb Weaving spider on the tractor this summer?  The picking crew has a very different reaction to me.  Ros absolutely shrieks when she sees one.  Mike, a young bloke who talks about his goal-kicking prowess is very worried about spiders and bees (but his mate Matt laughs and wants to throw them at him).                                                                                                                              And then for some reason the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival holds a public weekend of tasting in the middle of vintage. Here I am at Southbank with Ricky James of James & Co, a Beechworth Sangiovese specialist.  

And now we have just finished picking.  The Nebbiolo from our Twins vineyard is the last thing fermenting away in the cellar, but it smells better than ever before.  Each time I open the door an aroma of roses greets me.                                         With a few rows of new plantings coming online every year, we will have a little more Nebbiolo to try to meet demand with each successive year.  The best way to make sure you get a six pack is to email us as soon as you can.       


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